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A white marble face from the 1st century C.E. that reminds me of a Greek theatre mask.


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How about a teaser for the show:

A crown may fit better somewhere other than on the monarch’s head.


Imagine the world caught in a strangle-hold of the rich and powerful clawing and grasping for more wealth and more control, but not merely among themselves – they go after the poor and weak. The mighty gesticulate, pontificate, and confiscate as the hapless populace whimper and clutch at what little they have. The levers of government alongside the wheels of Fortune and Fate seem to line up against the helpless masses.


Okay, so we don’t have to imagine that much!


This play was born out of frustration from the 2016 presidential election and its precursor circus, the debates. Dozens of politicians talking at, talking over, talking against each other in clouds of deception that have left the American landscape dust-covered, with the only moisture saturating it appearing to be blood. This poverty of leadership from “both sides of the aisle” has brought us to the precipice above which we now hang as our constitutional republic teeters on this brink.


The human impulse to repeat history rather than learn from it is our species’ inbred curse. The disease is genetic. However, the treatment (and possibly the cure) is also in our DNA:


Humor. Storytelling. Satire. These coping mechanisms, now into their umpteenth millennium, serve to give power back to the weak. These gems of the human imagination give voice to those silenced, and can serve as the rostrum, the podium, to call us all to reanimation and action. And, if nothing else, it can give us permission to laugh at ourselves and at those who think they will hold on to their crowns forever.